Indonesia is one of the
countries that have so many oil reserves. In years before
[YJ1] , Indonesia just has onshore petroleum mining, but
now, the number of oil reserves in Indonesia were being decreased. Indonesia
realizes that they should develop offshore petroleum mining, because there are
huge amount of oil reserves in deep water. According to the Oil and Gas General
Directorate of  Energy andMineral  Resources Ministry, Indonesia has signed 71
contracts of offshore petroleum mining.
The Industry of offshore
petroleum mining has high risk in drilling and production activities. The risk
comes from the system process and marine hazards. Marine hazards are all the
risks and potential risks that are caused by marine environment, like corrosive
atmosphere, sea situation, the weather (storm, typhoon, etc), earthquake or
others natural disasters and also the risks from air and ground transportations.
Besides, the examples of the system processes are all the risks coming from the
utilities, processes, how to handle the materials and also continuous
As we know, offshore
petroleum mining has many potential of accidents. So that, the prevention of
accidents is one of the solutions that can make all activities has zero
accident. The first step to prevent accidents is knowing the causes. If we know
that, we can control the risks and reduce the probability of accidents. So
that, the good condition at project will be created.
Almost all the parts of the
offshore petroleum mining can make an accident happen. The example is the
devices system at project, if we don’t how to use the device, it can make
something troubles and accidents will happen, like explosion and
conflagaration. Accidents will happen not just from the devices system, but
also from the mining materials. One of the biggest problems of the offshore petroleum
mining is the storm. If the storm is coming, so all activities at exploration
area should be stop, the devices system and worker should be stop, because it
can make dangerous for all peoples on the area.
As we know, prevent accidents
is one of the jobs for HSE department. From the prevention, the company could
be benefits in the financial cost and employees efficient. All of it will be
run to the ergonomics case. For the companies, it is important things that can
help companies for the accreditation, and that why HSE department is needed.
Commonly, the benefits of
prevention the accidents for companies are:
  1. Reduce the financial loss
  2. Increase the believing of consumers and governments for companies
Increase the believing of
employees, so that all employees can working without dread felling.
Edited by Mr. Oetomo

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