Without reading capability, reading is dangerous – Nuruddin Asyhadie

Everyday, reading
a part of our lives. We always
read everytime, everywhere. We read not only texts
some books, newspaper, magazine, but also on our smartphone.
in this era, smartphones, laptops,
are being used in most of our activities by us. Now,
everyday we always see our
notifications in social medias, like
facebook, twitter, blog, website community, etc. In fact, most of peoples
use their smartphones
to read
e-news and e-book. But don`t worry, students are
still book lovers, old men are still newspaper
lovers, young
men are still novel lovers in this era. So we can say that
reading is a basic in our
lifes, because
we need to reed.
We Read everything
we encounter

Now, you should know that reading
could be a dangerous if we don’t have
the capability to
it. How could it be? Does it mean that we dont
know how to spell
the words or we don’t know anything
about letters? So how could it be possible for us
really like reading a book if we can not even spell the words? So it
seems like a baby reading a novel, how could
it be? Is it a

Calm down, thats is
not what i meant.
At this point, capability is the
about how to read as healthy as we can.
Reading is an activity
which involves the use of
our eyes to see, brains to think, necks to keep
our heads
up, hands to hold the things. So it
means that we need the
parts of our bodies if we want
read. Lets talk about the danger of

First, if we want to read for
long time, we should take care about our positions. We should
steadly but relax, so that you will not feel stiff and tired.
And then you should know about the distance between your eyes and the texts.
normally, the
is 30 – 40 cm, the distance betwen
your eyes and the texts
it will affect your eye’s health. Because
if you are reading less than 30 cm or more than 40 cm, it can
affect your eyes,
interms of myopia and your eyes will
tired easly.

Second is about the brightness
s. Based on health ministry decree Indonesia No.
1405/MENKES/SK/XI/02, brightness are total of light at working place for doing
effective activities. We can conclude that brightness is very important in our
daily life when we are working. Based on the ministry decree, brightness at
working place are 300 LUX, for administration room, and control room. We can
use dimmer lamp, and adjustable lamp for reading, because we need high
brightness for it. Best criteria lamp for reading is a lamp with blue light and
focus, example CFL lamp and halogen. If you don’t use standart brightness, it
will be affect to your eyes, example miopi. Did you know that there are
relation between brightness and colour of paper. May be you ever felt when you
are reading a book which the book use white paper, your eyes  easier wetless than grey paper. It caused,
white paper reflect all light wavelength compared grey paper.

Third, a habbit for this era is
reading on the smartphone before we go to sleep. It is a dangerous activity for
your healthy, because it will be affect to your quality of sleeping compared
with reading a book. Based on main researcher from Harvard Medical School,
Professor Charlez Czeisler,  If you do
not sleep enough, it will increase risk of your cardiovascular, like obesity,
diabetes, and cancer. It`s caused, the emmission of the light is blue light
(like a LED), so that can retard or prevention hormone production, that’s
Melatonin hormone. It function as timer for your sleeping.

Fourth, don’t read SMS when you are
driving a motorcycle or car. It will be affect to you and your passenger

In this era, all people need to
reading. Students, workers, old mans, in fact joblessness are need to reading.
From reading, we can get infomations, knowledges, friends, links, etc. From
reading we can run the world. From reading we can be clever. From reading can
know everything. Because we need to reading and reading is everything. But
remember, be a clever reader!
Happy reading all! And stop
accident before they stop you!

Edited by Mr. Oetomo

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